Green is the color of love

Green is the color of love,

~ of passion unfolding,

~ of bliss - marital and otherwise - that exceeds expectations

~ that ripens into hope eternal.

For green is the promise of new beginnings,

~ of love never lost, only changed of form

~ of hope that calls to you and to me, each morning that we are alive;


~ that sings anew the great spirit alive that brings cheer to our hearts,
that puts bounce in our step;
that screams (silently) of all that is holy and perfect and new and of God and
and it says to me and to you:

Begin Again!
Nothing has changed.

You are as you once were, full of buoyancy and optimism and good cheer.

Spring cannot be far away from behind this dark cold cloud, and I love you so!"

green art.jpg

© Paul C Hoffman 2012